• Health and Well-Being- Washing hands, eat with fork, use safe behaviors, Manners.

  • Gross motor - Walk, run, jumping, climb, throw a ball, create opportunities.

  • Fine motor- Build, engineer, use scissors, write their letters/name, feed self.

  • Sensory - Use our five senses (seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling).

  • Language -Follow three-step directions, participate in conversations, respond to questions.

  • Social- The ability to play with friends and teachers, encouragement.


  • Cognitive- Observe changes in weather, name colors/shapes, patterns, interest in the natural world.

  • ​Math- Numbers, counting, shapes, problem solving, engineer.

  • Science & Social Studies- Discover new things, detectives, observe, explore, nature, planting, family and friends.

  • Literacy- Read books, nursery rhymes, songs, vocabulary, phonics, identify letters/sounds.

  • Writing- Child will learn how to hold a pencil, draw shapes/lines, trace letters, write letters.

  • Arts- Projects, painting, drawing, sensory crafts, Discover your Picasso.


  • Sign Language- Child will learn to communicate with tiny hands.

The first three years of life are important years. Brain development occurs for children during early experiences. That's why we here at Little Oaks Discovery School are committed to your child's development. We have set-up a curriculum that involves the TEKS, Montesseori and Reggio curriculum  We believe our students should learn through hands on experiences while also playing. We have an outline for our teachers to follow and implement our curriculum.  We also have an example to explain our curriculum during your tour.  We will also set up parent conferences as needed to discuss your child's learning and development.  Please read below.


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