• What is the drop-off and pick-up procedures?   All pick ups and drop offs occur outside of the building.  Please have your child stand on the feet by the bench.  We will check your child's temperature.  If your child has a temp, your child cannot enter the facility until they are fever free and show up with a doctors note.

  • Do staff member's have to wear a mask? Yes

  • What do you do for food prepping? Our cook and staff wear masks and gloves when giving food out to children. Food is properly covered.


  • How does Little Oaks Discovery School implement social distancing? We have low ratio classrooms and we try to keep students 6 feet apart during class time.  Students remain at tables and 6 feet apart on the rug.

  • Do we sanitize frequently? Yes, our staff is continuously cleaning and sanitizing all items in class. We also have Dis-In-Fx who comes to spray and test our classrooms monthly.

  • What if a staff member believes they are sick from COVID-19?  Our staff member would let us know as soon as possible and will have to see their physician and follow CDC Guidelines.

  • What if a child/staff member test positive for COVID-19 ? CDC and health department guidelines will be followed based on the individual situation.  This may include a temporary closure and deep cleaning along with school wide notifications to all parents.

  • What are symptoms of Covid-19? Fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, loss of taste or smell, sore throat.

  • Does my child have to wear a mask? Only 10 years and above per ordinance.

  • Do I get a refund because of Covid-19?  No. This is an assumed risk at this time and exposure or positive testing does not warrant refunds.

  • Can I still bring a blanket? Yes, but it is recommended to leave at home.  If you do bring a small blanket you must take it home and wash it daily.

​​The Safety of our students and faculty 

Our first priority is to keep a safe and loving environment for our students and faculty.  We at Little Oaks are more committed than ever at providing the best care for your children, especially in this time of fear and uncertainty.  We all must adapt to it as best as possible as we are all in this together.